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Hellonext Web Release Notes

Recent changes to the web

Aug 10, 2020

Roadmap!! 🤩

We now have roadmap view! A kanban like interface to get a overview of your product’s development timeline. Take a look at how our roadmap:

  • Feedback submission opens up in the same page now for faster submissions! 🎉
  • Polished some language strings, so Hellonext should be better in all languages now ⚙️

Aug 3, 2020

  • We now support korean language throughout the platform, 즐겨! 🤩
  • Something was finicky when deleting accounts, it’s fixed now ⚙️
  • Under the hood preparations for a major future release ⚙️

Jul 27, 2020

  • You can now downvote feedback. Your users can upvote the features they want to see and downvote the features they don’t like. 🤩

    This is is disabled by default, go to Organization → Settings to get started.

  • A handful of bug fixes and improvements to settings page 🐞

Jul 20, 2020

We have lots of exciting new stuff shipped for you, lets dive in:

New organization page redesign 🤩

Enjoy a more coordinated look across the app with colorful, redesigned typography. And bask in the speed as hellonext is now more faster than ever.

Guest Submissions 🎉

You can now allow your users to submit feedback without signing in! Go to Organization → Settings to get started.

Change buckets while creating feedback 🎉

Your users can now change which bucket they submit to while creating a new feedback.

We also made loads of optimizations and fixes to our whole app, so everything should be a little better for you to use.

See you next week 👋

Jul 13, 2020

You can now enable SSO for your organization! 🤩

  • SSO provides a seamless login experience for users who are using your applications and services.
  • Users can login once to your application and access Hellonext’s features.
  • Your users can submit feedback, upvote their favourite feature request, comment on feedback, etc. all from your own application.

Learn more on how to enable SSO here

Jun 29, 2020

It’s finally here 🎉   We’ve redesigned the home page with lots of love and colors. Enjoy a more coordinated look across your organization pages.

Take a look here

You’ll also notice a more responsive and faster page load speed, these are thanks to loads of optimizations and improvements we’ve done behind the scenes. We are working on more performance improvements which will be released soon. 🚀

Jun 22, 2020

You can now embed Hellonext anywhere you want! 🤩

We have been working on features that will make your experience better. One of them is the Hellonext embeds. With them you can,

  • Collect feedback on your website, directly.
  • Allow anonymous upvotes and submissions from your customers.
  • Sign-in using email and various other platforms. All you need to do is copy the iframe code and add it anywhere - like on your mobile app or website.

Jun 10, 2020

  • Mask User Details is finally here. This options hides user names for all your users. All comments will be anonymous to everyone except the admins. Just go to Organization Settings to enable it. 🤩

  • Now you can embed a bucket in an iFrame with all the features of Hellonext. Just go to Manage Organization → Buckets → Options 🤩

  • We now have Sign in with Apple to quickly and safely create new accounts. But most importantly it’s one less password to remember! 🤩

  • Added new release notes in profile dropdown ⚙️

  • Better SEO for public organizations ⚙️

  • A handful of bug fixes and improvements to login and onboarding 🐞