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Understanding different feedback statuses

What are Latest, Top, Planned, In-Progress, Completed statuses of your posts

Hellonext offers multiple statuses that you can use to notify the users about the changes you’ve been doing with your product, and to easily keep them informed.

Hellonext Submission Statuses

This article helps you understand the different statuses, how you can use them and more. Let’s get right to it.

Latest: This is an automatic category in which all of your submissions are listed under. When you access your Hellonext domain, this is where it lands. Shows all the latest posts that were made to your domain without any filter in chronological manner.

Top: This automatic category tab lists down all the top requested feedback, suggestions or bugs for your domain. A top post is determined by the number of upvotes for a submisison from your user.

Planned: This status is for the feedback/submissions you are currently planning to add to your roadmap. Whenever you change the status of a post to Planned, the post shows up in this tab, and updates the people who upvoted or commented for that particular feature.

In-progress: This status is manually updated for the feedback/submissions for your Hellonext domain. You can use this category to inform the users who supported this feedback automatically that you are working on the feedback they have provided.

Completed: This is the most exciting category. When you move your feedback to the Completed status, it means that you have shipped the feature or fixed the bug or made the improvement your users have been asking.

Any change in the custom category (Planned, In-progress & Completed) will update the users who supported or subscribed to the post automatically via email, keeping them in the loop for you, automagically.