Slack Integration

Integrate hellonext to Slack and manage everything you need right within Slack.

Bring the power of Hellonext to Slack. View, manage and start working on feedback without leaving Slack. Just add Hellonext to your workspace channel on Slack, discuss and collaborate with your team instantly and effortlessly.

1. Select Integrations from the Organization Settings.

2. Click on Add to Slack. It will directly get connected to the available Slack Account.

3. Select the channel you want to add Hellonext to and click on install.

4. To remove the integration, just click on Disconnect from Slack.

5. Once you add Hellonext on Slack, it notifies everyone in the channel with a Hello message.

6. You can find Hellonext on your Slack beneath the apps bar.

7. People can talk with the Hellonext bot by typing

8. Click on and you will find the dialog box as shown below.

9. Type a greeting message and Hellonext will reply you in a separate channel.

10. Click on Launch to get started. Once you click on Launch, Hellonext will ask for confirmation.

11. To confirm, click on Yes, Of course!. And enter your email id (signed up in hellonext) to receive the code for enabling integration.

This is how the email looks like.

12. Once you receive the code, Click on I have it!.

13. Enter the code in the pop-up and click on Verify.

14. One last step, Select the organization name and you are all set to manage feedback from Slack.

This is the success message you will receive after integration.

15. Click on Get Assigned Tasks, to view all your assigned tasks from Slack. Use the Next button to move forward in pagination.

16. You can edit the status of the feedback from Slack. Hellonext will ask for a confirmation where you can change the status or undo the change.

Once you confirm the action, it will display the status change message

17. Hellonext also provides with you Help Query. Type Help and it will show the list of services it can help you with.

18. To stop Hellonext, just type stop and click on yes.

Click Okay to confirm the service termination and hellonext will be removed from Slack.