Intercom Integration

Hellonext for Intercom enables you to capture customer feedback from Intercom.

Hellonext integration for Intercom allows you to capture feedback right within your Intercom chat widget or even from your admin side of Intercom.

There are a few things you can do with the Intercom integration for Hellonext. Here’s a quick overview of what you can do:

  • Capture feedback within Intercom chat widget;
  • Submit feedback within your Intercom chat management platform;
  • Choose the Board into which the feedback you capture should go into;

Capturing feedback with Intercom is quite simple. The steps below will help you integrate Intercom with Hellonext to capture feedback.

Integrate Hellonext with Intercom

  • Login into your Hellonext Organization.
  • Go to your Admin Dashboard and choose Organization Settings in the sidebar.
  • Select the “Integrations” tab, where you will find Intercom section in it.

  • Click “Connect With Intercom” to connect Hellonext with Intercom. Awesome, Hellonext is now integrated with Intercom. 🎉

  • You can remove the integration any time by clicking on the “Disconnect From Intercom” button

Install Hellonext on Intercom

  • Login into your Intercom workspace.
  • Navigate to Inbox.
  • You’ll find the Details panel on the right side of Intercom. Click on Customize to modify the panel.

  • You’ll find a list of Add-ons. Click Hellonext to install it. If you can’t find it, click on “Get more in the App Store” to search Intercom’s entire inventory of applications.

  • Now, click Done to complete the installation process.

Great! Now we can start using Hellonext on Intercom. 🤟🏻

Submit Feedback via Intercom to Hellonext

  • Click on Submit feedback to load the form.

  • Type in the feedback requested by the customer along with an appropriate description.

  • Select a bucket to categorize the feedback that we are about to submit.

  • Click on Submit.

  • After successful submission, Hellonext will display the link that the feedback that was submitted at.

  • Back on Hellonext, the submitted feedback will now have a little Intercom tag in the sidebar. You can click on it anytime to take you to the conversation page on Intercom. It’s that simple!

🙌🏻 Managing feedback becomes a lot easier with Hellonext & Intercom together.