Embed Changelog widget

Instructions on how to embed a Hellonext Changelog widget into your product or website.

You need to show your customers what has changed in your product, and you want to showcase the changes right within your product itself. This is where Hellonext’s Changelog widget comes into picture.

Integrating Hellonext’s Changelog widget into your product is very simple:

  1. Go to your Admin Dashboard

  2. Click on Organization Settings

  3. Click on the Integrations tab

  4. You will find the section where the Changelog widget’s embed code is showcased, it looks something like this: Hellonext Changelog Widget

  5. Now, copy and paste the code you see into the footer of your product.

  6. Next up, you need to make a button or a link to trigger this widget. For that particular element, add the Selector class you have added in your Changelog widget code. For example, if your selector is .show-hn-changelog, then your link should look something like this: <a href="#" class="show-hn-changelog">What's new</a>

  7. That’s it. Whenever a user clicks on the “What’s new” link that you added in Step 6, they will see the Hellonext Changelog Widget.

Here’s how the widget looks:

Hellonext Changelog Widget

Enjoy using Hellonext’s Changelog widget. It is super fast, and does not pull your product’s load-times down.