When to use Private Board and Public Board?

How to decide when to use a Private Board vs Public Board?

Though you will be the best judge of this decision, let me try to help you as much as I can. 🚀

Public Boards are used for:

  • Allowing anyone to submit feedback;
  • Gathering feedback from your current customers as well as potential customers;
  • Showcasing what you are working on and how you prioritize your feedback;

Private Boards are used for:

  • Providing exclusive access to your customers to give you feedback;
  • Create a sense of community for honest & open conversation about your product;
  • Allow only your premium tier customers to provide you with feedback;
  • Let your existing customers know what is coming for them based on votes;

Understanding Private Boards

Private Board, as you would have already guessed, is restricted to the people you invite. Creating a Private Board is also super easy in Hellonext. When creating your shiny new Board, move your mouse a little bit, click that “Private Board” option and smash that “Add Board” button. You’re done.

Hellonext Roadmap

Private Boards are my favorite as well. They help me create a more profound sense of community among my customers. There are quite a few options that you can use to configure Private Boards in Hellonext; I have explained those here for you to read.

Understanding Public Boards

They are the default type of Boards that Hellonext creates for you when you start off. The Public Boards are available to anyone on the Internet who can figure out your domain name on Hellonext.

One of the best example I can think of is our own Public Board, which is available for anyone to see/access (even the ones who prioritize their roadmap based on ours) – https://feedback.hellonext.co/

Creating Boards on Hellonext

You can use multiple Boards on Hellonext. You can use it the way you want, and you can even embed them wherever you want. The best part is, only the Administrators of your organization can create or edit these Boards.