Advice and Answers from Hellonext

Is my company eligible for $10/mo startup plan?

How do we validate a startup and what you can do to get into our startup pricing?

Every time someone signs up with us, the first thing we do is to get in touch with them via email or in-app messaging. Once we understand about your product and your company, we arrive at a nominal pricing model for your account.

The $10/month pricing is eligible automatically for indie makers and startups who are yet to see any revenue from their product/company.

This is the validation document we have internally to check companies for the $10/mo startup plan:

  1. Is the company older than 2 years?
  2. Is the product making any revenue?
  3. Is the product/company from a Indie Maker?
  4. The product helps NGOs or Educational Institutions?
  5. Are the founders still in college?