Status filter:

To arrange feedbacks and feature requests based on their current status you can use the status filter. This filter is available to all the users, from end users to admin. 

  1. Go to the feedback page.  
  2. The feedback and feature requests will already be grouped under their respective status tabs: Latest, Top, Review, Planned, In progress and Completed. 
  3. Click on the tabs to find the feedbacks under each status. 

Date range and users filter: 

If you want to locate feedback submissions by a particular user or if you want to view the feedback submissions of a particular date range, you can use this filter. Only admins and members of the organization have access to this filter on hellonext. 

Note: These filters can be applied to any bucket that is present in the organization. 

  1. Sign-up and log into your Hellonext account, click on the profile icon on the right corner of your homepage.
  2. Select Create organization option in the dropdown list.
  3. You will be redirected to a page where you need to add organization name. Give a name and click on Create organization.
  4. Once you create an organization, you will be redirected to Manage organization page.
  5. In the manage page, you will find both the filters, Status filter as well as the date range & user filter. 
  6. The filter is on the right corner. You can manually type or select a user name and choose a date range from the dropdown list and click on the Filter button. The data you requested will be displayed in groups under their respective status tab. 
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