Buckets can be anything you imagine it to be. Be it a different products under an organization. Or different categories of a single product. Or anything you wanted it to be.

When you create an organization, we provide you with a default bucket. You can create more different buckets and can share the URL with your users.

Creating buckets are easy. In the sidebar, you can see a "New bucket" option that will take you just 10 seconds to create your own bucket and push them to your users.

If you see the above image, you can see a "lock" symbol near two buckets. They are the private buckets.

Private Buckets

Private buckets are helpful when you wanted only your team to engage on the feature request. An internal discussion happens in the private buckets and it is not open to public view.

Creating them is very easy. Click on "New bucket", and fill the details in the form. Make sure you clicked "this is a private bucket" and submit. Tadaa 🎉. Now, you have a private bucket.

Private buckets also comes up with an additional ability to allow very certain individuals to look into and participate by adding their emails. 

You can add your best user's to this private bucket and use their feature requests as your prior ones if you wanted to. Easy right 🤩

Managing your buckets

You can click on the "edit" icon near to your bucket or "Go to Dashboard" and click on "Buckets".

You can find all the buckets you created there. Modify them at your ease.

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