Will my account be created if I don’t complete the onboarding process?

Yes, your account will still be created, but it will not be tied to any organization.

Can I resume my onboarding? I changed my mind.

Yes, you can. Just login to Hellonext again using the same email address and you will be able to resume onboarding.

Will I be charged for creating an account?

No you will not. You can use Hellonext for free to give feedback. However, if you choose to create an organization, you will have a trial period, after which you can choose from our paid plans.


Onboarding User Information

Once you sign up and get an account on Hellonext, you will be asked to complete onboarding your product.
First, let’s start with your name.

After that, you can either create an organization or use your Hellonext to leave feedback for other products.

Onboarding Organization Information

If you choose the “Create New Organization” option, you can now create an organization on Hellonext. This will allow you to gather feedback from your customers.
Just enter the name of your organization or production (whichever is most relevant to Hellonext).Ensure that you have used the correct spelling as the name will be used to create your own custom subdomain on Hellonext.

Once you’re done, the name of your organization will be whatever you entered. Your custom subdomain will be generated from the name by removing spaces, punctuation marks and converting everything to lowercase. This is to ensure that it is a valid subdomain. For example,

Once the subdomain is created, you can not change it. However, if you need to please send us an email to support@hellonext.co.