How to embed Changelog in your website

How to embed Hellonext Changelog into your website

With the Hellonext Changelog widget, you can embed your latest product updates directly inside your product webpage. It’s the best way to get your customers to engage with new features.

It works by just copying the changelog embed code from your Hellonext organisation and pasting it wherever you want in your webpage.

How to Embed a Changelog Widget

  • Log in to your Hellonext account
  • Access to your dashboard, navigate to “Organisation settings”

Hellonext to embed changelog

  • You should see the “Integrations” option on the top of the page; click on it.

Hellonext to embed changelog

  • This page shows the list of integrations that you can do with Hellonext. At the bottom of the page, you can find the code for embedding the changelog.

Hellonext to embed changelog

  • Copy-paste the code on your website, where ever you want to embed changelog from your Hellonext organisation.

  • That’s it; now, you can view your changelog on your product website itself.

If you need any help or guidance, don’t hesitate! Just ping us. We are here to help.