Internal Comments

How and when to use Internal Comments on Hellonext.

For certain feedback, you might want to collaborate with your team right then and there without having to send a message on Slack and such. Internal comments helps you with just that.

Here is what happens when you comment internally:

  • A notification is sent to people in your team who have access to that Board;
  • The comment is only visible to your team;
  • Your team can reply to a comment Internally as well;

Remember that Internal comments are highlighted with a yellow background to make sure you are doing the right thing. To leave an internal comment, switch the tab from Public Comment, selected by default, to Internal Comment. Here is what it looks like:

Hellonext Roadmap

Here are some areas where we have used Internal Comment ourselves:

  • Quickly talk about the feedback right on Hellonext;
  • Discuss something sensitive that should not be exposed to anyone else;

I have had so much fun discussing internally on posts with my team. I’m sure you will find value with internal comments as well.

Comment away 🎙