Changing the Status of a Post

Changing the status of a post in feedback board.

I understand what it takes to build our new features. Every feedback (post) could be months worth of effort for you and your team. And when you make progress with the feature, you get to change the status of every post you are working on.

Changing status in Hellonext for a post is also relatively straightforward but essential. You can find the option to change the status of a post on any single post page.

Hellonext Roadmap

Here’s what each of the default post statuses means:

  • In Review - Feedback is being reviewed or open;
  • Planned - Feedback is being planned to be worked on;
  • In Progress - Feedback is being worked on;
  • Completed - Work on this feedback is complete;
  • Closed - Deferred indefinitely or archived;

What happens when you change the status of a post

Whenever you change the status of a post, a couple of things happen:

  1. Your product Roadmap automatically gets updated;
  2. Customers who upvoted or commented or subscribed to the post gets an email notification about the status update;
  3. The post moved itself to the appropriate status filter in the Admin Dashboard;