Update Password

This section will show you how you can set a password or update your password.

Where can I edit my password?

You can manage your password in the profile section. After you sign in, click on the profile thumbnail at top right corner. A dropdown menu opens with My Profile as the second option; Click on it. The profile page displays details like name, profile picture, option to edit profile and latest submissions done by you.

How to add or update my password?

In the ‘My Profile’ page, click on the edit profile icon. All the details in respect to your profile are listed down.

If you signed-in/signed-up using your G-mail, Github or Apple account, you can set a new password by clicking on the Enter new password and creating your password. Re-enter your password in the next field and click on save to capture the changes made.

If you signed-in/signed-up using an email address and password, you can update your password. It is recommended that you change your password every six months. Follow the instructions below to update your password. You will be signed out of your other devices, if any. Use the updated password to sign-in again.

What if I forget my password?

If you forgot your password. Click on sign-in with email and click on Forgot Password. Enter your email address to generate a link to reset your password. Once done, check your email inbox.

The link redirects you to a page where you can create your new password. Re-enter the password to confirm. You will be logged in automatically when you click on reset password.

Can other admins reset my password?

No, they can’t. The admins can only manage the roles of members, and add/remove members from an organization. To reset your password, you can follow the forgotten password steps.


  1. Visit the homepage and sign in to Hellonext.
  2. Click on the profile thumbnail at the top right corner. A dropdown menu opens up.

  1. Click on My Profile.

  1. Click on Edit Profile.

  1. In the password section, you can see three fields.

  1. Enter your current password.

  1. Enter the new password.

  1. Re-enter your new password.

  1. Click on save to capture the updates made to your password.

That’s it. Now your password will be updated.