Update Name

This section will show you how you can update the name of your profile. Here, profile represents your user account.

Where are my profile details?

You can manage all the details in the profile section. After you sign in, click on the profile thumbnail at top right corner. A dropdown menu opens with My profile as the second option. Click on it. The profile page displays details like name, profile picture, option to edit profile and latest submissions done by you.

Can I edit my username?

Unfortunately no. Username is predefined and is uneditable like your email address, as it is tied with your account.


  1. Visit the homepage and sign in to Hellonext.
  2. Click on the profile thumbnail at the top right corner. A dropdown menu opens up.

  1. Click on My Profile.

  1. Click on Edit Profile.

  1. Click on the name field and enter the name you want to update to.

  1. Click on save to update the changes made to your name.

That’s it. Now your name will be updated!