Add / Update Profile Picture

This section will show you how you can add a profile picture or update an existing one. Profile here represents the member's profile.

Who can edit my profile details?

Only the respective account holder can edit their profile details like picture, name and password.

Where are my profile details?

You can manage all the details in the profile section. After you sign in, click on the profile thumbnail at top right corner. A dropdown menu opens with My Profile as the second option. Click on it. The profile page displays details like name, profile picture, option to edit profile and latest submissions done by you.

What formats and file sizes are accepted?

You can choose files with the extensions .jpg, and .png. The recommended file size of the image you are uploading is under 1MB. For best results, select an image which is square (resolutions like 1080 X 1080, 520 X 520, etc.) in shape to fit perfectly in the thumbnail.

Can I add/update from the mobile app?

No, you can only view the profile details on the mobile app. To make changes to your profile, you will have to sign-in on the web and follow the instructions if in doubt.


  1. Visit the homepage and sign in to Hellonext.
  2. Click on the profile thumbnail at the top right corner. A dropdown menu opens up.

  1. Click on My Profile.

  1. Click on Edit Profile.

  1. Click on the “Upload Picture” button to choose an image from your computer.

  1. Select an image from your computer and click on choose.

  1. Wait for the image to be uploaded. You can check your browser like highlighted below.

  1. Click on save.

That’s it. Now your profile picture will be set.